The Edge of Chaos: Wing Commander RPG


The Edge of Chaos: Wing Commander RPG (WCRPG) is an online role playing game loosely based upon the Wing Commander universe created by Origin Systems Inc. It is a text-based RPG with interactive sessions played over Internet Relay Chat (IRC) and secondary role-playing through the use of posting board forums.

Players in the WCRPG primarily take on the role of military officers as they fight against the forces that threaten the "Alliance", a new faction created by Humans, Kilrathi, and Varni in response to some heinous acts committed by the now corrupt Terran Confederation. During IRC sessions, players interact with others and 'fly' turn-based missions that affect the storyline or engage in 'ground' type scenarios similar to conventional table top RPGs. In between sessions, players can use the forums to post in-character (IC) logs and stories that help to provide more insight into their characters and their situations.

The WCRPG has gone through many changes since its start on AOL in 1994 and the emergence of the current incarnation in 1996, however its main purpose remains the same: to provide fun and enjoyable Wing Commander-based simulations.

Currently, the WCRPG runs a single RPG called The Edge of Chaos (TEOC). This RPG is set in the year 2679 (Several years after the events of WC4) and follows the adventures of the ABVS Tara'kaga, a heavily modified dreadnaught which is stationed in the Vortath Sector.

Current Simulations

  • ABVS Tara'Kaga
  • Saturdays @ 9:00pm EST


Coordinators - TEOC
Paul English (Tycho)
Shaun Upton (Viper)
Steve Curry (Nemesis)
Coordinators - Academy
Steve Curry (Nemesis)
Administrator - WCRPG.COM
Shaun Rashid (Iceman)
Administrator - Site Restoration
Tony Upton (celticmusicguy)

Rules & Regulations

Version 3.1 of the WCRPG Rules & Regulations are now available: